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  13 April
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About Birdtrader !
Over the past few months this site has been neglected and caused much frustration to users, partly due to technical issues where the site is not available and partly due to infrequent updates.  Due to my busy schedule, and the fact that I do this as a free service, I have just not had the time to focus on the site.  Several months ago I appointed a company to redo the site for me, a process that was also delayed due to my time constraints and subsequent failure to review and test the new site.  The good news is that at the end of April we will switch over to the new site.  There may be a few glitches with it and we will fix these as we go along, but I realise that switching is imperative now as the old site is almost beyond repair.  Over the next three days I will try capture all outstanding adverts on this site.  The new site is a vast improvement as there will be daily updates that do not require me to recapture the adverts, there is also a lot of other functionality that is ready to switch on and that we can develop over time and as the need arises.  Thank you for your support and patience over the past few months and sincere appologies for the poor service from Birdtrader.  I hope the new site provides everything that I expect from it and look forward to restoring Birdtrader to the best site for advertising your birds free of charge.

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