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14 October 2014 at 13h30

Birdtrader currently attracts close to 20,000 uniques visitors a month, and the feedback we receive is that responses to adverts are very good.  The site has been around for a while and it is time for a change.  We will be investing some time and money into a huge overhaul of this site that will see some much needed enhancements.  You can expect a very much improved site.  We are considering a two tiered approach whereby users have the option to continue using the site as they always have done at no charge and with the same functionality they currently get, as well as a premium offering where users will get added functionailty and improved options at a small annual subscription.  This will help cover the cost of the site as well as pay for improvements and faster updating of the site.  We welcome any comments about this and look forward to feedback, the new site will be launched in the next few weeks.  We give you our assurance that for those who choose, this site will remain free for advertisers, simple to use and even better than before after the new launch.  Looking forward to the improvements and your comments, watch this space.


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