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1-1-0 Red Lored Amazon Parrots DNA sexed, microchipped, Male good flyer, very personable, +-11 years old. Female former House-bird, quite tame, learning to fly and […]

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1-0-0 Lesser Philippines Red-Vented Cockatoo. DNA sexed, microchipped, +- 18 years old. Very tame, very personable, good flier.

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1-1-0 White-Fronted Amazon Parrots – DNA sexed, microchipped (Bonded, female has laid), male is +-12 years old, female is +- 9 years old, both good […]

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0-1-0 Indian Ringneck Parakeet. Has laid. Colour: Grey with pale blue (pearlesque) tint. Approx. 6 years old. Fully flighted.

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1-0-0 Moustache Parakeet – very personable and former house-bird. Now fully flighted and living in outdoor aviary.

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