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BIRD/ANIMAL DRINKING VALVES This is a very special unique item that is a must for any breeder, not only birds. These items can be used […]

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For Sale

Cockatoo for sale. 10 months old. Very tame and loving. Comes with large cage.

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For Sale

Pineapple conures

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For Sale

breeding pair 2009 blue gold macaws 46.000 cell 0635074182

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For Sale

1-0 Medium Sulphur Crested Cockatoo for sale. He is about 8 – 9 years old.

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1-0 Mature (2014) Blue Fronted Amazon

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0-1 Rock Peblar 2018

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1-0 Mature Lutino Ringneck

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For Sale

Galah male 2018, s/s and rung. Aviary bred but semi tame easy to work with (not wild) In excellent condition. All toes, feathers and everything […]

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I have a blue-cheeked conure, Turps, who lost its buddy a few weeks ago and is very lonely. I want a new friend for Turps. […]

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