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For Sale

Beautiful mature 4 year old sun conure male for sale fully flighted in excellent feather condition was previously hand reared kindly note he would make […]

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For Sale

I can supply Red Palm Oil in 20Lt Jerry Cans. Contact me on 0834600075 Pragasen

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Hi. Looking for new breeding stock for the following breeds: Silver Sebrights. (4 pairs or trios ) Silver Spangled Hamburgs. (5 pairs or trios ) […]

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2 Female Lady Ameherst pheasants, 2 Female Golden pheasants.

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Wanted female Major Mitchell’s cockatoo (Lophochroa leadbeateri), also known as Leadbeater’s cockatoo. Can be plucked, missing toes, poor condition doesn’t matter.

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Any Softbills loose or pairs, Hornbills, starlings, Barbets, Toucans, Turacos, bulbuls, buffalo weavers, mousebirds, aracaris, hill mynas, rufous tailed weavers, etc.

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For Sale

Brinsnea Octagen Incubator. Full working order. Hatched chicken eggs a month ago. Also suitable for partots. R 1800-00

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For Sale

1 Male Blue and Gold Macaw for sale. 7 Months old. Beak slighty skew. Had first Vet appointment. Will need 2-3 more to correct beak. […]

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For Sale

Pineapple conures born 2019 for sale

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For Sale

Pineapple hand tame 8 months old. No cage.

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