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For Sale

0-1 Edwards 2016 s/s c/b

6 total views, 3 today



5 young green Indian Ringnecks to trade for what you have. Not sexed and about 1 year old. Only showing ring on 30 months. Pick […]

68 total views, 5 today


For Sale

1-1 Double Yellow Headed Amazons

21 total views, 7 today


For Sale

1-1 Umbrella Cockatoos s/s c/b mature pair

10 total views, 7 today


For Sale

1-1 Lilac Crown Amazon s/s c/b mature breeding pair

2 total views, 2 today


For Sale

0-3 Massena s/s c/b 2017

132 total views, 2 today


For Sale

1-1 Maximillian Pionus mature pair s/s R2500 per pair

14 total views, 1 today


For Sale

2-0 Finsch Conures s/s c/b mature R1500 each

25 total views, 0 today


For Sale

1-1 Mitred Conures mature s/s c/b R5500 per pair

16 total views, 0 today


For Sale

0-1 Hahns Macaw s/s mature R1950 each

28 total views, 1 today

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