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For Sale

Blue Gold breeding pair

1912 total views, 190 today


For Sale

African grey breeding pair for sale in excellent condition. Pair comes with big cage and new breeding cage. Gerda

108 total views, 2 today


For Sale

Cockatiel and Celestial Chicks available for handrearing

88 total views, 4 today



Mature female red tail grey

62 total views, 1 today


For Sale

I mature breeding hen ring derbyan and 1 mature breeding hen alexandrine. Perfect condition

71 total views, 3 today


For Sale

Cuban finches, Young birds and ready to breed pair.

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For Sale

1-1 RedGold Brp R1500/p 4-4 RedGold young R900/p 3-3 LadyAmhers young R900/p 1-0 Silwer young Pheasant R450 Gert Coetzee 072 434 8573

73 total views, 2 today



5 yers + female greenwing

61 total views, 2 today


For Sale

Arrican grey breeding pair for sale. They are in a excellent condition they come with large cage and breeding cage

44 total views, 2 today


For Sale

0-1 FARINOSA 2008 R5000.00 1-1 ORANGE WING BR/PR 2004 R3000.00

55 total views, 2 today

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